How Much Is A Rolex?

how much is a rolex
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For some people, there is no point asking the question about how much a Rolex costs. The major reason will be that they cannot afford a Rolex. Some other people, when asked the question, can only come up with an answer along the lines of “it is pretty expensive” or “it is way out of your league.”

These people may be right with their answers, in that they know what they can afford. Plus, the caliber of people who own a Rolex, usually the crème de la crème of society, serves as an indicator of its cost. However, the main question has been left unanswered: how much is a Rolex?

We will answer that question with this article. But first, why does the mention of the cost of a Rolex trigger the responses it gets?

A Little Bit About Rolex

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We must take some time to get to know what makes a Rolex the world’s most popularly desired wristwatch. The high cost has to come from more than a mere high demand for a Rolex. So, what is it?

Its reliability may play a huge role here. In far back 1926, Oyster, the world’s first waterproof and dustproof wristwatch was developed and produced by Rolex SA. At first, people were of course, skeptical about the waterproof and dustproof claims. So, there had to be a test.

Founder, Hans Wilsdorf carried out several demonstrations in aquariums using models of the Oyster. The grand demonstration that proved the claims to be true once and for all took place the following year when a young British swimmer Mercedes Gleitze swam across the English Channel for over ten hours wearing an Oyster on her wrist. Many years down the line, every Rolex remains waterproof and dustproof.

People have found that Rolex can be trusted to survive harsh conditions. The company claims that every single Rolex watch is tested to extremes before it is allowed to leave the site. And there are a lot of published testimonials to the public from customers to prove that the claim is not merely a product of good marketing.

In a letter dated 8 May 1989, Margaret Higgerson of South Australia wrote about how she lost her then 12-year-old Rolex Lady-Datejust while boating ashore in the Saint Vincent Gulf in November 1988. She said that in March 1989, she was notified that her wristwatch had been found after being washed onto a reef 7 weeks after the incident. She said she was overjoyed to find that the wristwatch still worked.

In another letter dated 22 July 1982, Allan Nimmo of Stirlingshire, United Kingdom, wrote about how his Rolex survived a horrific powerboat crash. Allan was leading the race while traveling at 200 kilometers per hour at the Belgian Grand Prix on the River Meuse when his boat was lifted by a gust of wind. He was taken to the hospital with ten broken ribs, a punctured lung and a slightly injured Oyster Perpetual Submarine-Date on his left wrist. The Rolex on his left wrist stayed intact and functioned optimally despite the crash.

Let us see one more testimonial. In an earlier letter dated 1954, C. Harcourt-Smith reported how he and his team of explorers set a new record with their Rolex Explorer watches. The record was for the first double crossing of the Atlantic in a small boat under power. The record-setting motor yacht was called Aries.

Harcourt-Smith said they relied entirely on the watches which they all wore, not just for keeping the time, but for navigation. The Rolex Explorer watches were accurate in their navigation. It was also the Rolex Explorer that accompanied the famous Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay when they were the first to attain the summit of Mount Everest in May 1953. 

Everybody will go for a wristwatch, or just about anything, they can rely on. And when they have the finance to match that desire, there is no stopping them. Especially when that wristwatch is made of pure gold. Yes, you heard right. Every Rolex watch is made with untarnished gold. This goes a long way in ensuring their longevity. 

So, let us get down to why you are here.

How Much Is A Rolex Watch?

There is no one single price for a Rolex watch. It all depends on the model and its status. Status meaning whether it is a new watch or a pre-owned one. 

Before we go into the different factors that affecting prices of Rolex watches, check out this video below which gives you a little to chew on:

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New Or Pre-Owned?

You are more likely to desire a new Rolex than a pre-owned one. This is just about the same way you are excited about the prospect of driving your brand-new car. Usually, it is because when you purchase a pre-owned item, it does not function as a new one would. However, when it comes to owning a Rolex, some people choose to see things a bit differently. And rightly so.

Sure enough, just as with most high-priced commodities, there is a certain level of depreciation that hits a brand-new Rolex once it leaves the store. However, because of the company’s pedigree and the reliability of each Rolex watch, the price of a Rolex watch cannot sink below a certain price. This means that when you get a pre-owned Rolex watch someone else has already borne the brunt of the depreciation and the overall cost has been lowered. 

This is possible with a Rolex watch because Rolex SA has an obsession over sustaining the quality of their output. The result is a wristwatch that outlives its owner, not dropping in value. It is, therefore, possible to purchase a pre-owned Daytona today, use it for say, seven years, and then decide to sell it for about the same amount you paid for it because it will still look as though you just got it.  

Whether you choose to go for a new Rolex watch or a pre-owned one, make sure the deal is right. The best way to ensure this is to make the purchase of a new Rolex watch at any Rolex full retail or a pre-owned Rolex from a highly credible watch dealer who guarantees the authenticity of his watches.

What Models Cost What?

Another determining factor of the cost of a Rolex watch is the model. Some models, such as the Submariner and GMT-Master II hold their value better than others. Their design and build quality make them next to none. They are true definitions of a classic wristwatch. We will run through some models of the Rolex and their respective prices as much as is available. As much as is available because there are some models with the “prices on request” tag. This goes a long way to suggest that the prices of those particular models will be unusually high, possibly due to their rarity. 

Find below some of the models and their prices. Please note that the price of any of the models vary based on the material you choose for your wristwatch to come in.

Oyster Perpetual 26

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 26 176200

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This timepiece is the female version of the direct descendant of the world’s first waterproof and dustproof wristwatch launched in 1926, Oyster. This is an entry-level female Rolex wristwatch. Nevertheless, it is a Rolex watch. Its prices start at around $5,000.


Rolex Lady-Datejust 26 179160 Pink Dial on Jubilee Bracelet Luxury Watch

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There is one thing you should know about this ideal everyday timepiece for ladies. This wristwatch comes with a unique mother-of-pearl dial that can never be found on another wrist. The prices start around $18,000.

Explorer II

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II

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This timepiece has a rugged look to it. It is surprising as it was originally designed for explorers set on an adventure. A famous user of this piece was Sir Edmund Hillary, who together with Tenzing Norgay first reached the top of Mount Everest. The prices of the Explorer II start from about $8,000.

Submariner Date

Rolex Submariner Date 116613LB

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This wristwatch was first launched in 1953. This is a perfect diver’s watch, as it can be taken to a depth of 100 meters. A famous user is Sean Connery of the James Bond fame. The prices for this wristwatch start at about $13,000.


Rolex Milgauss 116400GV Z-Blue dial Stainless Steel Case & Oyster Bracelet

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This is the timepiece that was designed to withstand electromagnetic fields. Originally made for scientists with class, the Milgauss’s orange-colored secondhand is super outstanding. The orange-colored bolt has an amazing appeal. A famous user of the Milgauss is Eric Clapton. The prices for this model start at about $8,000.


Rolex Yacht-Master II Oystersteel and Everose Gold Men's Watch 116681

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When you are constantly at sea, and you need to find your way home, the Yacht-Master can be your way out. This is the nautical Rolex. A famous user of the Yacht-Master is Brad Pitt. The prices start at about $11,000.

Cosmograph Daytona

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Chronograph Automatic Oysterflex Mens Watch 116518CBKSR

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It was launched in 1963 to celebrate professional race car driving. The two pushers on the right-hand side enable the wearer to activate the chronograph function. One famous user of the Daytona was Paul Newman. The prices for the Cosmograph Daytona start at about $16,000.


Rolex Sky-Dweller Dark Rhodium Automatic Men's 18kt Everrose Gold Oyster Watch 326935DRSO

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This model was originally designed for pilots and travelers to enable them to keep track of two time zones, usually hone and the visiting destination, at the same time. A famous user of the Sky-Dweller is Lebron James. The prices start at about $14,000.

GMT-Master II Batman

Rolex GMT-Master II Ref# 116710BLNR Batman Stainless Steel 40mm

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This bi-directional two-color ceramic bezel watch can tell the time in three different time zones. A famous user of the Rolex GMT-Master is Clint Eastwood. The prices for this wristwatch start at about $9,000.

Now, that we have shown you how much a Rolex watch is in monetary value, it is left for you to determine the real cost of a Rolex. This is based on the value you attach to it. When you hear the question “how much is a Rolex watch?” be sure to ask yourself “how much does a Rolex mean to me?”

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