How To Replace A Seiko Watch Battery

how to replace a seiko battery
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Buying a new battery to replace the old one usually is dependent on three factors and they include:

  • The type of battery the watch uses.
  • Your watch brand/manufacturer.
  • The experts providing the service.

Watch professionals who repair watches, generally tend to offer their services from anywhere in the range of five dollars and fourteen dollars. This range applies if you need to get a basic battery change.

The price range listed above will vary quite naturally depending on where you live and the brand of the watch as well as the type of battery used.

Getting a Seiko watch battery replaced is a relatively easy and straightforward process. In this article, we’ll show you how to replace a Seiko watch battery yourself if you don’t want to take it to an authorized dealer for repairs. 

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How To Replace A Seiko Watch Battery

In order to ensure your Seiko watch battery is being properly replaced, follow the steps given below:

1. Place your watch down on its face on a soft fabric. This is to prevent the watch face from being scratched while the battery is being replaced.

2. After the back of the watch is now facing the top and can be easily seen, you can have a closer look at the Seiko case. Your watch will either have a snapback or a screw back. These are the two options available for Seiko watches.

If you notice the back of the watch has grooves, then this means it has a screw back. If this is the kind you own, you will need to use a wrench specifically designed for opening watches.

You will first need to rearrange the prongs on the wrench.

Ensure that it’s able to fit in 3 prongs which are located on the outer side of your watch case. When this is completed, make sure the prongs have been properly tightened. Twist the handle of the wrench towards the left-hand side in a half-turn movement. This is so you can ease up the back of the case.

You can now remove the wrench while loosening completely the back case with the help of your fingers.

If no grooves are present, this means the watch has a snap back. You can use a tiny screwdriver to get it fitted inside the hole located in the back case.

Make sure you twist the screwdriver till the case back comes out.

3.   Remove the rubber gasket located on the outer portion of the inner watch.

This part makes sure the case of the watch is water-resistant. This is why it is important that you ensure it is returned precisely to the way it was installed prior to getting the case closed.

4. Locate the battery and drift the screwdriver underneath it in order to remove it. Once you’ve loosened it from its location, remove the battery carefully with the help of your hands.

It’s important that you remember to pay close attention to which particular side was facing up. This is so you can get the battery installed in the same way.

You will also need to exercise caution and prevent the screwdriver from getting in contact with the parts of the watch. This is important because if this happens, the watch movement may be affected.

5. Fit the new battery in the same way the old one was fitted. You can make use of either a pair of tweezer or your fingers to get the battery properly placed.

Once the installation process is complete, you can check the face of the watch to check if the second hand is functioning. 

6. Insert the rubber gasket back to the outer part of the watch in the exact same way it was before it was removed.

If your watch has a screw back, you will have to screw the back case of the watch. You can use your fingertips to achieve this. If your watch has a snap back, you will need to press the case back down. Do this till you can hear a clicking sound.

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Here’s a short video describing this process:

Tools Required To Replace Your Seiko Watch Battery

If you choose to do it yourself in the comfort of your home and at your convenience, you have to ensure you use the right tools. The last thing you want is to stand the chance of getting your precious watch damaged.

We’re grateful for tools and all such items that are really useful in helping us to fix most things. A watch is rather delicate which is why we’ve listed a few tools below which can assist you in changing the batteries when needed.

1.   Plastic Tweezers.

2.   Knife For Opening The Case.

3.   Pocket Case Wrench

4.   Selvyt Cloth

5.   Spring Bar Tool

6.   Fiberglass Scratch Brush

7.   1mm Screwdriver

8.   1.20mm Philips Screwdriver

9.   Watch Case Opener

10.  1.60mm Screwdriver

A lot of the tools listed above, in addition to watch battery repair kits, can be purchased either offline or online.

The tools which we listed above are considered to be standard tools. If you don’t have any means of getting access to these tools for a variety of reasons, no need to panic. 

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Other Tools You Might Need

We’ve included some tools which are on the alternative side but are still very functional.

1.   Precision Screwdriver

It’s a handy tool and can be used to unscrew watch backings.

2.   Thin Knife

This can be used in place of a watch case opener. You will need to exercise caution though. Ensure the knife does not have contact with the other watch parts.

3.   A Pair Of Scissors

This can be used if the watch backplate is really tight.

4.   A Stress Ball Or Rubber Ball

It can also be used to get the watch back plate loosened.

5.   Flat Razor Blade

You can use this to open the plate by sliding it under the backing hinge of the watch. 

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