Where Are Invicta Watches Made?

where are invicta watches made
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So, you’ve asked yourself “where are Invicta watches made?” As they say, Google is your friend and we are your very best friends as we’ve done all the hard work for you. Here’s the answer to what you seek.

Invicta is the Latin word for invincible and it was established in 1837. Ricard Raphael was the brain behind the brand starting the organization in La Chaux-p-fonds, Switzerland. This was a property well recognized for its watchmaking efforts. The creator’s intention was to make top quality Swiss watches that will be available to people at affordable prices. Well, this was not so hard to pitch to people due to the initial creator’s motive for building the watches. 

Before the pioneers knew it, Swiss watches were highly desired by many people across borders and Invicta watches happened to be one of the brands that acquired so much recognition as a result. 

Currently, the headquarters of the Invicta watches is based in Hollywood, Florida. The Swiss-made watch used to be exclusively made for Naval Fleet Officers. It was so respected that in 1959, it was commissioned by the USSR Council of Labor and Defense to make its watches.  

Throughout the history of Invicta watches, one constant thing was the recognition for its quality and beautiful designs. The early set of these watches were handcrafted. However, the too good to be true reality of the Invicta Watch Group was soon brought to an end by the arrival of the famous “quartz invasion” in the 1970s. Then, everything the group seemed to have built all came crashing down. 

What Is The Quartz Invasion?

Quartz invasion, like the name implies, was the upheaval in the watch industry that was occasioned by the birth of quartz watches in the 1970s and early 1980s that came to replace mechanical watches around the world. 

This invasion caused a decline in the Swiss watchmaking industry which Invicta was a part of. This was due to the fact that the Swiss industry wanted to remain focused on making traditional mechanical watches while the rest of the world’s watch producers moved to the new electronic technology. Consequently, watch production then shifted to many Asian companies like Seiko, Casio, and Citizen. 

The major effect of the invasion meant that quartz movement was replacing the mechanical or electromechanical movement at the same time digital display was replacing analog display. This was the incidence that shook the Invicta Group. A new wave of technology had taken over and there was no way to keep the interest of the public fixated on a mechanical watch. This is just like how computers sent typewriting machines out of the market. Still, Invicta breezed through the downcast and somehow, it is one of the popular watch brands you hear of in the world today.

The Resurrection Of Invicta Watches

After over twenty years of what was nearing an extinction, the Invicta Group eventually came back to life in 1991. The descendants of the initial Invicta Group made a conviction not to let the legacy die down, so they reformed the company without losing grip of its founding principle. 

In 1991, the company was purchased by a US-based investment company and the headquarters was relocated to Hollywood, Florida. This is where the company operates its service call center and its repair facilities. The CEO of the new Invicta is Eyal Lalo, fondly described as a third-generation watchmaker. 

The 21st century Invicta Watch Group does not differ too greatly from that of the old times. It is still very much keen on designing high quality and affordable watches. The revivers did not have to stress so much, they just had to capitalize on the fact that Invicta still has what it takes to win the hearts of people. All they had to was give the public unprecedented access to the Swiss quality watched they longed for and most especially at prices they would be willing to pay for. 

Now, Invicta continues to design watches but its manufacturing has been outsourced to third parties, both in Switzerland and the Far East. Therefore, it is now being assembled in several continents of the world. 

Today, Invicta proudly holds tight the strings of history of the original Invicta as if it has reigned for over a century and as if the Quartz Invasion Crisis never happened. Invicta watches have presented various ranges of beautifully crafted watches making use of cutting-edge technology as well as all the best possible materials like anti-reflective sapphire crystals. Still, one of the most successfully watch brands all over the world, Invicta makes an approximated, annual sales of over $50 million.

The Tripod Stand Of The Invicta Watch

The Invicta watch group’s principle is entirely based on three words:

  1. Embrace: Invicta Watches is described as a brand that keeps cultivating and embracing original concepts as well as embodying an accomplished scope of design to details and precise engineering.
  2. Innovation: Invicta watches are known for accompanying sophistication and adventure in the activities it is capable of working with. 
  3. High Quality: This brand sets apart itself from other brands of watches establishing exceptional standards for its physical appearance and performance. 

Moving on, since the advent of the modern Invicta Group, there have been so many misconceptions as to who owns the company and where exactly it is manufactured from. Look through some of the frequently asked questions about Invicta watches. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Invicta Watches

1. Are Invicta Watches Swiss-Made?

If we are to base it on the dictates of history, Invicta watches were Swiss-made. Now, the modern Invicta also adopts phrases like “Swiss parts” or “Swiss quality” on their products. 

Now here are the facts. Watches from Switzerland have a prestigious reputation due to the level of craftsmanship that goes into its production when compared with watches produced by China and Asia generally. More so, it was traditionally crafted with hand which further boosts its respect. 

In a bid to allow this legacy remain, therefore, the tag “Swiss made” is reserved for watches that have about 50% of value added in Switzerland. Without this factor, they should legally not be allowed to give this description on their products. So, to most people, Invicta is an American company that produces some Swiss-made watches. 

2. Where Are The Invicta Watches Made?

Invicta watches are made in China. Do not be shocked. Those ones tagged “Swiss made” are 50% made in China and 50% made in Switzerland. The way it works is that the Swiss-made ones combine parts made in Switzerland with parts of a Chinese watch. 

3. Who Owns Invicta?

Invicta Watch Group owns Invicta. No, it is not co-owned by a larger watch or parent companies. The ownership of the brad was incorporated as Invicta Watch Company of America.

4. Does Rolex Own Invicta?

Based on the fact that we have established that Invicta Watches is not co-owned, in the same vein, Rolex does not own Invicta. In fact, Rolex has no affiliation with Invicta. The misconception arises because Invicta produces several watches that have some resemblance with Rolex watches. These models are fondly called “Rolex homages”. Rolex is one of the most wanted and also very expensive watches in our world today. Invicta has just found a way to penetrate the hearts of many by presenting similar aesthetic features of Rolex at more affordable prices. 

5. Does Invicta Own Some Brands? 

This one is a yes. Invicta is an owner of brands but not owned by any brand. Interesting yeah? Invicta since its revival has acquired three watch companies. They are:

  1. S. Coifman: This brand was founded in 1906 and Invicta acquired it in 2004.
  2. TechnoMarine: It was founded in 1997 and was acquired by Invicta in 2005.
  3. Glycine: This was founded in 1914 but was acquired by Invicta in 2006.

6. Partnerships

Invicta announced a model of watches endorsed and designed by the hall of fame NFL player, Jason Taylor in 2012. Invicta has over the years also collaborated with brands like Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and Britto. 

Essential Features Of Invicta Watches

1. Water Resistance

Invicta watches are built to be water-resistant and the way to maintain this quality is to be sure to always close the crown tightly after setting it.

2. Screw Down Crowns

Most Invicta watches have a screw down that is meant to help prevent infiltration of water. To adjust the date or time on such watches, you have to carefully unscrew the crown and pull it out. This is done by rotating the crown counterclockwise until it springs open. 

3. The Tritnite Luminous Markers

This a weather and environmentally friendly tool that is exclusively found in the Invicta. Tritnite needs about 4 to 5 hours of exposure under light for it to be able to glow brightly. Therefore, it functions based on regular exposure to light. This feature allows you to see your watch’s display irrespective of whether you are in a place where the light is dim or you are outside under the sun where the sun is shining so brightly.

4. Quartz, Automatic And Manual Wind Watches

The model of Invicta watches comes in either of these three forms. A quartz watch is a battery-powered watch that does not require winding to work. It is only the battery that will be replaced after it has lasted for a long period of time. An automatic watch is a mechanical watch that can wind itself so it does not require a battery. When it is worn, the movement of your wrist makes the mainspring to wind progressively. This removes the need for an additional winding. An automatic watch should be housed in a winder box. The manual wind watch is also a mechanical watch that does not use a battery, it can only be wound by the hand. Click here to learn how automatic watches work in our article: How Do Automatic Watches Work?

5. Sub-dials And The Likes

Because Invicta watches function beyond telling the time and date, most of its other functions are displayed on sub-dials, indicators, counters or zones. 

For instance, the Driver’s scale is found on the turning bezel of the diver watch. It gives a diver the opportunity to preset the time submerged in minutes. It is usually found under the watch crystal and it is turned by a pusher when the position is at 9 o’clock. 

Also, the Tachymeter also known as tachometer allows you to measure the speed of your travel distance. It is mostly used to ascertain the speed of cars over a particular distance. 

6. Power Reserve

This is mostly found in automatic watches. It displays the hours of autonomy that remains of a certain movement when it has reached the peak of its winding. 

7. Sun/Moon Display

An Invicta watch can indicate a.m or p.m when it displays the sun or moon. This is always accompanied with a 24-hour indicator which makes a full rotation in a 24-hour period and indicates whether it is a.m or p.m.

8. Chronograph

This is a timepiece with an in-built stopwatch feature. The Invicta chronographs can measure minutes, seconds and tenths of a second. There are, however, criticisms as to the effective functioning of the watch, you can watch the video below to see some of them.

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